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Can the Blind Lead the Blind?


We would be at a loss to really discover all the teachings of Christ while he was in the world. With regard to the great events of his life, certainly among them would be the many times he taught the people. Whether in the cities, on the grassy hillside or even upon the sea, his words held captive audiences large and small. The Apostle John declares, (John 21:25) that there were many other things of Jesus that aren’t written down and if they had been written, the world could not contain such volumes as would be required! But we approach some of the things that were written for our instruction and here we must consider The Beatitudes. Please read Luke 6:20-45.


As you read our present section you will be impressed with what the Lord indicates should be not only the attitude of every believer, but the actions as well. Inasmuch as our attitudes are persuaded by that which is common in the world, a reorientation of thinking is usually in order. He spoke of typical things when he used matters of poverty, hunger, sorrow and persecution to show how the believer may take any issue and turn it for the good of mankind and the blessing of the individual. He spoke of genuine love that is impartial and unprejudiced; the real evidence of spiritual life within the believer. Its revelations are in giving and doing for the benefit of those around us.


One of my favorite questions Jesus asked is the one in verse 39: “Can the blind lead the blind? Shall they not both fall into the ditch?” Contextually, what he was saying is obvious: If we are to be of good benefit to God and men, we must be a cut above all others in terms of sincerity, patience, love, wisdom and works. What others see in us declares our natures. What we see in ourselves, declares our submission to the authority of Christ and his teaching. Think about it.


Written by Missionary Glen Knight