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Bible Moment
God's Amazing Grace
Words to think about


God's Amazing Grace
by Karen Bunker

When I was only 8 years old I became aware of sin

And I was taught in Bible School I must be born again
So as I walked down to the place where I could kneel and pray
God's Amazing Grace brought me into His arms that day.

When I got home from Bible School I could not wait to share
The news with my sweet mother, for I knew how much she'd care.
I told her all about how Jesus died on Calvary
And how God's Amazing Grace had saved someone like me.

My mother looked into my face and tears were in her eyes
As she told me how pleased she was to hear this sweet surprise.
My mother and I were baptized into that church and then
We both felt God's Amazing Grace as our new lives began.

My mother is in Heaven now and sees God everyday.
If it were not for Mom and Dad, I would not have known the Way
You see, they taught me daily about Jesus and His love
They told me His Amazing Grace was sent from God above.

Because I know just how God's love can save us from our sin
I want to reach out to each one who needs His grace in them.
I want to tell a dying world about this gift that's free
And tell them God's Amazing Grace will save them just like me.

Please, Dear Lord, I pray to You and ask You from my heart
That I will share this blessed news and help others make a start
To understand the love of Christ and feel the joy within
As they receive Amazing Grace and their new life begins.

At 8 years old I could not know how blessed my life could be
When I knelt down upon my knees and found eternity.
He saved me from my sins that day and I praise God above.
Because of God's Amazing Grace, I found Jesus and His love.