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Biblical Ethics
Are there standards for proper behavior?   Some people feel that a person has the right to do anything he wants and not be condemned.  If the standards for proper behavior are based on the ideals of man, that statement is true.  However, the ultimate standards for proper behavior must be based on authority.  The One with ultimate authority is God.  If God is holy, then men should also be holy.  Since He is the holy creator, He has the right to demand our obedience. Words to think about….



                "For God So Loved the World"


John 3:16 is a verse that is very familiar, most of us learned it early in life. However, there are places in the world that have never heard of the free gift of salvation that Christ has to offer.  So, let us never forget that God loves the world, and we are to be an instrument to bring the gospel to the world.




We are all missionaries for Christ, and the mission field begins at our front door.  Tell someone of the love of God and the free gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ.